Empire Of The Sun Outdo Themselves By Snagging A Fleetwood Mac Cameo For ‘To Her Door’

Earlier this year, Empire of the Sun’s music was introduced to a much larger audience than ever before, as their 2009 single “Walking on a Dream” — from the album of the same name — was used in a Honda Civic commercial. The track became ubiquitous and likely turned plenty of new people on to the band.

Now, Empire of the Sun are preparing to release their first album in three years with Two Vines, which will be released on October 20 via Astralwerks. The first two tracks to be released from the album were the title track and “High and Low.” Now, the band has released their third track from the upcoming album, and it features a cameo from a pretty big name.

Yes, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac makes a guest appearance on “To Her Door,” which was released today via NPR. The song is a mellow, acoustic track that sounds a bit like a cross between “Never Going Back Again,” and the band’s normal synth-heavy sound.

“When you’ve got the undeniable, magical aura of Doctor Buckingham, things blossom,” Luke Steele told NPR. “We jammed like we were in high school and it came together almost instantly.”

After starting out gently, a drumbeat picks up and drives the song into full gear, though it continues its relaxed vibe throughout. Empire of the Sun have already had a big year, and collaborating with a music legend like Buckingham should go a long way in continuing to introduce the band to mainstream audiences.