Al Thornton: “The Most Selfish Basketball Player I’ve Ever Seen”

03.09.09 9 years ago 22 Comments
Al Thornton

Those are supposedly the words of Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling. Last week, Sterling came into the Clippers locker room in a hysterical fit following L.A.’s loss to San Antonio, basically ranting and raving at his entire club.

As details continue to emerge, this episode paints Sterling as a complete lunatic.

For the first time in six seasons, Sterling came into the locker room. And in his first appearance, he went on a “profanity-laced tirade”, threatening to trade his entire team and specifically singling out Thornton.

When Thornton asked coach Mike Dunleavy (who was standing nearby) how he was playing, before he could answer Sterling told Dunleavy to “shut up” according to one of the sources.

We could go on at length about how Sterling’s leadership has screwed this franchise – the Elgin Baylor scandal earlier this year, the abject failure to see that Dunleavy cares less than any other coach in the League – but we’ll hold off on that.

However, how does Sterling accuse Thornton of being “the most selfish basketball player” he’s ever seen? How is that even conceivable? Ricky Davis is on this team.

Thornton hasn’t progressed as many people thought he would – he’s shooting 43% from the field, and a God-awful 24.7% from three. The worst part is that he continues to shoot three’s though he really isn’t making any of them. But still, that’s not even the worst on the team. Sterling’s $40 million man Baron Davis is shooting 36.5% from the field, and he’s a shade under 30% from three. Ricky Buckets is shooting 33.9% from the floor and 31.5% from three.

This whole thing would make a lot more sense if Sterling was yelling at Thornton, not knowing who he was, thinking that he was Ricky Davis. In that case, I might even forgive him for his wildly inappropriate tirade.

Source: True Hoop

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