Bobby Hurley: Top 5 Greatest College PGs of All-Time

07.18.08 9 years ago 55 Comments

Fast-forward about three minutes into the video for the action…

A couple of minutes into this video, the great Bill Raftery points out that Bobby Hurley led the USA Basketball Select Team against the greatest collection of ballplayers, the ’92 Dream Team in preparation for the Barcelona Games. And “the first time, they beat the Dream Team – Hurley’s group,” says Raftery.

So in addition to the two national championships at Duke, the Final Four MVP honor in ’92, and his place atop the NCAA all-time assist leaderboard to this very day (1,076 assists), add beating John Stockton to Bobby Hurley’s hoop resume. The 6-0, 160 lbs. St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.) product went 115-5 in high school, leading his team to four state titles, including a perfect 32-0 season during his senior campaign on arguably the greatest high school team ever assembled. That group included former Seton Hall all-time leading scorer (2,494 points) Terry Dehere, the forward Jerry Walker, and the younger phenom Rod Rhodes.

But the real proof of Hurley’s greatness is in the video. Even if he looks like a 1940’s player transplanted into the modern era, Hurley had NBA quickness and speed. Most importantly, his court vision was, and is still to this day unparalleled. How effortless do those long passes into his teammates’ bread baskets look?

Every time he set foot on the hardwood, Hurley was the most fierce and fearless competitor. Raftery references how Hurley “gives eyes” to Michael Talley, Michigan’s PG after raining a triple on his dome. Though Hurley couldn’t necessarily embarrass his man with an ankle-breaking crossover a la Allen Iverson at Georgetown, he still beat opponents down mentally over the course of 40 minutes.

Next to Isiah Thomas at Indiana, Magic Johnson at Michigan State, and Jason Kidd at Cal, comes the kid who was drafted 7th to the Kings after tallying 17 points and 8.2 assists his senior year at Duke in the line of the greatest college point guards of all time.

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