Damian Lillard Said He Lit Up The Lakers Because D’Angelo Russell ‘Poked The Bear’

01.11.17 10 months ago


The Trail Blazers aren’t having the same kind of success they had last season, but Damian Lillard is still a cold-blooded killer whose ire you don’t want to draw. So when D’Angelo Russell got in his face during a confrontation that drew double technical fouls midway through the third quarter in Tuesday night’s game, he was barking up the wrong tree.

Lillard led a Blazers rally to turn the contest into a blowout, and he laid out exactly why after the game.

He poked the bear, and you see what happened the rest of the game.

How did that ignite you afterward?

I don’t know what made him feel like that would be accepted, like I wouldn’t take exception to that. I took it as a challenge; I was struggling shooting the ball, and I was getting good looks, and maybe he felt like that was because of him, or whatever… I got a little more aggressive, and our team got more aggressive, and we pulled it off.

For various reasons — not least of which is him blowing up Nick Young’s spot with Iggy Azalea — Russell doesn’t exactly command the respect of players around the league. He’s still young, but he’s also a cocksure sort of player, and when he tries to show up competitors, he’s going to get smacked in more ways than one until he can back it up.

(h/t ESPN)

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