Team USA vs. Canada Halftime Notes

07.25.08 9 years ago 15 Comments
D-WadeDwyane Wade, Dime #13

* It was clear about one minute after tip that Team USA could run away with this game whenever they wanted to (they’re up 61-38 right now), but credit them for deliberately sticking to the game plan and working on their stuff rather than turn it into an All-Star Game style dunk contest. They’ve rolled out some full-court press, some half-court trap, and a two-PG lineup with Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

* It’s weird seeing Kobe passing up so many shots. Two times he could have taken a wide open look beyond the arc, but one time waited for his defender to catch up so he could drive-and-dish, and the other time elevated before firing an assist to D-Wade under the basket. Plays like that are the reason the U.S. is shooting such a high percentage.

* All the guys on the U.S. team are in pass-first mode, even the bigs.

* Is anyone else shocked that Wade of all people went with the baldie? He’s consistently has some of the tightest waves in the League; we didn’t think he’d give that up. (Nate McMillan looks equally ridiculous without hair.) On a related note, remember when the Fab Five decided to shave their heads and Juwan Howard flat-out refused ’cause his hair was too pretty?

* Canadian Joel Anthony‘s post game can be best described as something between “workmanlike” and “fugly.” He looks like he grew up watching Donnell Harvey instructional tapes.

* Was Andy Rautins not wearing any kind of brace or sleeve on his knee? That’s a bold man coming off an ACL tear.

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