Zach LaVine On Next Year’s Dunk Contest, ‘Big Dog’ Kevin Garnett, And ‘Almost Impossible’ Defense

10.19.15 2 years ago
Zach LaVine


You can hear it in Zach LaVine’s voice.

Those close to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ electric sophomore guard swear by his tireless work ethic and obvious drive to succeed. LaVine is a gym rat in every sense of the term, even though his eye-popping athletic gifts and effortless basketball talent make it hard to believe otherwise. All the greats have one of those two attributes: A ceaseless desire to improve or preternatural physical gifts. Then there’s an even more select group of players who possess both traits, and the former UCLA Bruin is certainly among them.

Despite LaVine’s clear commitment to getting better, it remains to be seen whether or not his performance will ever reach the exalted heights of his mind-blowing vertical jump. In our Q&A with the defending dunk contest champion, though, he stressed over and over not just how determined he is to making that leap. And despite a rookie season marked by consistently questionable decision-making and sweeping defensive struggles as much any highlight-reel dunk, the 20-year-old now has us believing he might be able to do it – and knowing with utmost certainty that he’ll fail trying his absolute damndest at the very, very least.

Read on to learn of LaVine’s excitement for the November 6 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, what he worked on most this summer, whether or not he’ll attempt be defending his dunk contest crown come February in Toronto, and much more.

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