Bronx Zoo Lion Cubs Are Ridiculously Cute, Should Stay Away From Florida

Bestiality is still legal in Florida, as lawmakers have once again failed to pass a law banning it.  The ban was added to an agriculture bill that didn’t pass.  A separate bill addressing only bestiality never made it to the House floor because, as Rep. Mary Brandenburg (D-West Palm Beach) explained, “It is yucky.”  Bestiality has been technically legal in Florida since 1971, and you’d think (yuckiness and all) they’d have passed a law by now.  Back in 1971, the Florida Supreme Court ruled the 1868 bestiality law was invalid on the grounds that it was void for vagueness, meaning the language of the law wasn’t specific enough.  The law banned the “abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with beast” without specifying what an “abominable and detestable crime against nature” actually was.  After all, dressing cats in little outfits is pretty detestable.  Also hilarious.

Speaking of animals, the Bronx Zoo recently debuted their absurdly cute newborn lion triplets.  There has only been one other lion born at the Bronx Zoo in the past 31 years.  The zoo is taking suggestions from the public for names of the one male and two female cubs.  If they’re named like human babies have been lately, they’re going to end up being called D’kote’ah, Cayt’linnn, and Mehginn.  I’m hoping they name the cubs Bazooka, Skynyrd, and KFC Double Down™.  Good American names.


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  • “Misspelling a child’s name won’t make Junior special, creative or unique. Y’s and I’s are not interchangeable, and apostrophes are not some sort of newfangled confetti to be sprinkled liberally throughout groups of letters.” (NYTimes)


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