Fifteen Funny Advertisement Juxtapositions

Phew. That was a close one.

Sometimes, like in the picture above, advertisements that aren’t funny on their own become hilarious when place next to one another.  Other times, it’s what the ad is pasted on that makes it funny.  Other times, it’s what happens near an ad that makes it funny. Sometimes, YouTube or other websites make surprisingly useful recommendations with their ads. Other times, I can’t think of a good introductory paragraph.  So, uh, join me below for some funny pictures.  Please?

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With the advent of the dollar menu, we don’t even need the whole $2 to buy an express ticket to brown town.

“Lose something?”

I would totally visit the Church of Cat Jesus and tithe some ‘nip to Ceiling Cat.

The heater must be broken on this bus.

The driver remained trapped in the vehicle for two hours while passersby assumed he was part of a viral ad.

And we should be thankful, because they’re delicious.

This is the YouTube ad that popped up at the perfect time in a Cute With Chris video.
That Nesquik looks really f–king delicious.

Stop glaring at me and get in my belly, sandwich. [via]

The sign reads “Speed should be reasonable.”  Sure, now they tell him.

How did YouTube know the promise of beating up teenagers would draw me to police work?

You have my full attention.

Thanks, clicksor!  I’ve always wanted to know how celebs lose weight.
(Sorry about the poor image quality.  I accidentally screencapped this as a .jpg.)

Yes, I am twelve years old and this is hilarious.

I’m getting mixed messages here.

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