Meme Watch: Dog Fort

Seen above is the first Dog Fort comic, made (or posted) by Scottacus in Fort comic also employed the use of a dog you should already be familiar with if you’ve been on Uproxx before: Lobster Dog. We love us some Lobster Dog. If we could make the picture at the right (credit: Matt) a reality we would. The picture of Lobster Dog (known as Red Lobster in the Dog Fort canon) was taken by David in Los Angeles, CA. The Corgi in the photo is named Kiki and this was her costume for Halloween 2008. Cutest lobster ever? Cutest lobster ever.

The popularity of the first Dog Fort comic posted at Reddit spawned more Dog Fort comics, leading to the creation of a subreddit and an official website. The subreddit has become a source of much awesomeness and has a good chance of winning Best New Community of 2010 at Reddit. On the next pages are several examples of why r/dogfort deserves to win. [UPDATE: Dog Fort won!]

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