MEME WATCH: Dogs Eating Pasta? Dogs Eating Pasta.

I was recently explaining to a friend how I truly believe that the Internet is one of the best things that has ever happened to cats. Think about it: Prior to the proliferation of the Internet, the last couple of years in particular, dogs were the clear-cut, hands-down favorite pet among people in America and most of the Western Hemisphere. Dogs are, after all, “man’s best friend.” Even the most ardently pro-cat person, of which I am one, could not deny that dogs were the Coke of pets, and cats were the Pepsi. Period.
But the Internet changed that. Cats, with their infamous curiosity and wacky antics, were just made to go viral. It’s almost as if God put them on Earth to be memes! I don’t have statistics to back this up, but I can sense that their popularity on the web has made them more endearing to humans, blurring the formerly clearly defined lines of popularity between cats and dogs. For instance: I have a friend in New York who recently told me that she specifically adopted a cat from a local shelter so she could make videos of it and upload them to the web. Yes. This served as all the proof I needed that cats have been seriously jacking their strat on the Internet. Perhaps they secretly hired Alex Blagg long ago?
With that said, I sense that dogs are making a late push. What with the War Dogs meme that recently spread far and wide, not to mention Warming Glow’s on-going Corgi madness, dogs seem to be working to reclaim undisputed supremacy, and I think they may be making serious strides to that end with all of the photos of dogs eating pasta that seem to be popping up more and more on the web.
I first took note of this a few weeks ago when searching for a dog image for something. I don’t remember what my exact search term was, I think it was simply “dogs eating” (Don’t ask.), but I noticed that the image search results in Google, Bing and Flickr were all littered with photos of dogs eating pasta. And then, within the past couple of weeks, a “Dogs Eating Pasta” Tumblr popped up. So this is, apparently, a thing! A bonafide thing! (UPDATE: A Twitter friend astutely points out that “Lady and the Tramp” may have something to do with this.)
So anyway, after the jump are twenty of my personal favorites from Dogs Eating Pasta. They’re hilarious. Enjoy…

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