Meme Watch: Prancing Cera

By: 08.30.10  •  11 Comments

Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and the writer/director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, kickstarted a meme this week when he posted the picture of Michael Cera to the right on his Flickr page.

Almost immediately a tumblr page called fyeahprancingcera started, while sites like BuzzFeed started collecting user-submitted photoshops, and comedy tumblr pages like TheFrogman added more lulz.  I’ve collected twenty-one of my favorite Prancing Ceras below, along with a few photoshops of my own.

The next two photographs are the first thing I thought of, and sure enough, someone else had noticed this, too:

(click pictures to enlarge)



We have to prance deeper. [via]

Here’s the best example of the many Indiana Jones ones. [via]

I hate you so much right now, internet. [via]

As an expert on the ways of gayness I declare this the gayest one. [via]

I spoke too soon, this is the gayest one. [via]

Wait, this is the gayest. [via]

Damn it.  Okay, it couldn’t possibly get gayer than this. Right? [via]

I stand corrected.  We’ve reached the limit.  Let’s move on before they start sparkling. [via]

Giggity. [via]





The answer to, “What is he running from?” [via]


And now, Michael and Homer hang out for a while:





Chillin’ out, maxin’, and prancin’ all cool. [via]


River prancing [via]

I didn’t know he was friends with Sarah Jessica Parker. [via]

Woah.  Stop right there.  This is madness. [via]

Okay, fair enough. This is madness. [via]


And, of course, an appropriately creepy .gif:

Chilling. [via]

Another .gif, via PHA:

One final .gif, via fyeahalbuquerque:

And now, some of our own contributions:

Improper bumper car usage! You guys are so getting kicked out.

Still more hetero than Twilight.

Kickball champion


But don’t grow too accustomed to your new meme fame, Cera.  This isn’t over:


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