Trent Reznor Was Totally Chill With THAT Scene From ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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"Magic Mike XXL" needed Trent Reznor's permission for a certain scene.


Terminator 2’s Effects Supervisor Says CGI Has ‘De-Skilled Folks That Work In Visual FX’

By | 40 Comments

Terminator 2's visual effects supervisor explains why so many modern blockbusters "look like cartoons."


This New ‘Inside Out’ Parody Warns Of The Dangers Of ‘Pixar Depression’

By | 5 Comments

Feeling sad because your furniture hasn't arrived? Because your father took a call on his cell phone? You may have Pixar Depression.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

Time-Traveling Joe Dirt Meets Christopher Walken All Over Again In This New Clip From Joe Dirt 2

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Joe Dirt runs into his old buddy and mob boss Clem all over again in this new clip from 'Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.'


Frotcast 255: Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs, HBO, and Deaf People’s Orgasms

By | 11 Comments

We talk about famous directors and find out what deaf people having orgasms sounds like.


Don Cheadle Says Rachel Dolezal Was Right About Boycotting ‘Exodus’

By | 33 Comments

Don Cheadle says Rachel Dolezal was right to want to boycott 'Exodus: Gods And Kings.'


A PI Is Going To Jail For Hacking Scientology Critics, And The Court Doesn’t Know Who Hired Him

By | 28 Comments

When two high-profile Scientology critics get hacked, you can guess who was probably behind it. Only a court doesn't seem to be trying too hard to figure it out.


Porn Stars Explain What They Use For, Er, Inspiration

By | 21 Comments

Porn stars explain what *they* masturbate to, and their answers may shock you.


Here’s The First Look At The Uniforms From Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’

By | 43 Comments

All you have to do is imagine the actresses wearing these 'Ghostbusters' uniforms, and it's like looking at a poster.


Last Week’s Hot Links, With Laremy: ‘Ted 2,’ Sex Clubs, A Man That’s An Ant, And The Twitter!

By | 8 Comments

This week, we've got all the must-read links, from inside the Sony hack to France's wackiest sex club.


Channing Tatum’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Film Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

By | 10 Comments

Channing Tatum called his 'Ghostbusters' project 'messy,' but Reid Carolin says it's just not happening at all anymore.

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