#Fantastic Four

Miles Teller Says ‘Fantastic Four’ Is ‘Original,’ ‘More Than Soulless, Popcorn Action’

By | 81 Comments

Miles Teller on Fantastic Four: "We tried to make something coming from a more dramatic standpoint."


NO THANKS: An ‘Extended Edition’ Of The Hobbit Trilogy Is Heading To Theaters

By | 72 Comments

Have you ever wanted to see nine-plus hours of Hobbit movies in a single sitting? Well you're in luck! Also, seek help!

#Food Network

Food Network Star Power Rankings Week 9: Everyone Hates Ramen

By | 15 Comments

This week, Alex cooks everyone's favorite summertime family reunion classic, pork soba ramen.

#Deeper Dives

A Look Into The Claims That Walt Disney Was Anti-Semitic

By | 20 Comments

A look into the claims that Walt Disney hated the Jews.

#Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne Is A Brave, Beautiful Lady (Update)

By | 53 Comments

Eddie Redmayne is going to win the Oscar for most actory actor.


The Cast Of Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Visited A Children’s Hospital In Full Costume

By | 30 Comments

The stars of Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters' reboot stopped by the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston with their proton packs in hand.

#Donald Trump

A 25-Year-Old Documentary Donald Trump Tried To Ban Was Finally Released

By | 29 Comments

Donald Trump was the worst 25 years ago. He's still the worst.

#Cara Delevingne

John Green’s ‘Paper Towns’ Features Two Boring Suburban Teens Who At Least Don’t Have Cancer

By | 21 Comments

Teenagers given beautiful lives in suburbia heroically fight for ways to complain about it.

#Filmdrunk Reviews

‘The Look Of Silence’ Is An Oppressive, Meditative Companion To ‘The Act Of Killing’

By | 10 Comments

'The Look of Silence' is heavier and less cathartic than its predecessor, but just as powerful.


Frotcast 259: Cecil The Lion, Awkward Press Tours, And ‘True Detective,’ With Joe Sinclitico

By | 20 Comments

Cecil the Lion, True Detective, and Cara Delevingne's interview with the world's worst morning show hosts on this week's Frotcast.

#Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s Impressive Wang Will Be Displayed Near Scientology Headquarters

By | 11 Comments

Soon everyone in Florida will know what Tom Cruise's penis looks like. Sort of.


Ivan Reitman Officially Denies That A Second ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Is In The Works

By | 5 Comments

This pretty much nips the rumors in the bud, but Hollywood will be Hollywood.


Wicked’s New Adult Film Has A Ridiculous, Big-Budget, Western-Themed Music Video

By | 5 Comments

Are you into sweaty people with real emotions? This video's for you!

#Brie Larson

‘Room’ Should Be The Movie That Turns Brie Larson Into A Huge Star

By | 29 Comments

Brie Larson looks like she gives an award-worthy performance in "Room."

#Filmdrunk Reviews

Woody Allen’s Nearly Unwatchable ‘Irrational Man’ Combines Pointless Affluence, Bloviating

By | 64 Comments

Emma Stone joins Joaquin Phoenix for a little romance and a lot of turgid discussions about categorical imperatives.


The 6 Best Classic Porn Movies EVER (The Adult Film Minute)

By | 27 Comments

If you can get past watching what look like your parents friends screwing, these are pretty good.

Logan Paul

The 10 Most Incredible Quotes From This Profile Of ‘Vine Star’ Logan Paul

By | 77 Comments

"Logan will get his shot at performing his edgy song, 'Stank Dick,' later this week."

#Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Was Having None Of This Awkward Morning Show Interview

By | 22 Comments

Don't make Cara Delevingne mad. You won't like her when she's mad, and it's super early.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay’s Inexplicable Benghazi Movie, ’13 Hours,’ Has Its First Trailer

By | 75 Comments

It's quick, dirty and in glorious red band. Otherwise, the first trailer for '13 Hours' looks an awful lot like a Michael Bay film.

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