100 years of chicks’ legs in posters

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04.08.10 11 Comments


I found this image commemorating the ever-popular chick’s-legs-framing-the-foreground shot in movie posters.  (It’s not actually 100 years, I just thought that sounded cool).  I knew it was popular, but I didn’t really it was that popular.  Other popular movie-poster designs I’ve noticed include the guy-looking-overthe-top-of-his-Ray-Bans and the old Matthew-McConaughey-using-a-lady-for-a-backrest style. Therefore, if you want to create a really popular poster, you might want to use Matthew McConaughey looking over the top of his Ray Bans while leaning on a lady with a chick’s legs framing the foreground.  And lesbians.

cant_buy_me_love killers_Kutcher how_to_lose_a_guy_in_ten_days failure_to_launch ghosts_of_girlfriends_past

[check out a bigger version of the banner pic here]

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