Teutonic turd peddler Roland Emmerich (who previously directed Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow) has done it again.  His latest movie, 10,000 B.C., according to analysts, is headed for nearly $40 million at the box office (though it’s important to note that the same analysts overestimated Semi Pro by $5-7 million). 

But the best part is the early reviews:

Almost worth sitting through the first half for the revelatory moment when you’re forced to ask yourself: Is nearly the entire cast suddenly being attacked by what look like cracked-out ostriches? Why, yes, yes they are. -E! Online 

I have to give Emmerich credit for creating a film that’s been funnier than ’27 Dresses’ or ‘Over Her Dead Body.’ –eFilmCritic

A tedious bore in which grubby people stand around muttering in a variety of badly chosen accents. –CinemaBlend 

Oh my god: the silly, it burns. It burns! All the “tellings” and the dreadlocks and the too much narration telling us about the tellings and the people with the dreadlocks and the hero who’s The One who’s gonna save the world by being a hero and the… the how it ends. –FlickFilosopher

Hooray for Hollywood – where success comes to those who should be homeless. 

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