20-30% of Adult Video Market in Japan is “Elder P0rn”

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That’s right, according to a new report, twenty to thirty percent of the adult video market in Japan consists of old people doing it.  Making the other seventy to eighty percent a combination of tentacle porn, sex pillows, and Hello Kitty fleshlights.  I kid, I kid, but seriously, the “elderly p0rn” part is true, and it came in (heh heh) a GlobeandMail profile of 76-year-old male porn star Shigeo Tokuda.

Mr. Tokuda is the superstar of the rising genre of “elder porn,” movies that feature older actors (at least the male ones) and plotlines in which the growing number of Japanese senior citizens (again, at least the males) can picture themselves. Sales of elder porn have reportedly doubled over the past decade, now accounting for somewhere between 20 and 30 per cent of Japan’s pornography industry, which grosses $20-billion annually.

I have to admit, as talented as Lex Steele is, it’s much easier for my penis to identify with a five foot three, elderly Japanese man.

For a long time, Mr. Tokuda was not just the world’s oldest porn star, he was perhaps its most anonymous. His family didn’t know where the 76-year-old really went and what he did when the retired travel agent pulled on his blazer and went off to “work” in the morning.  Mr. Tokuda’s secret blew up in his face two years ago [hee hee! -Ed.], when a lengthy fax arrived at his Tokyo home that his 35-year-old daughter was the first in the family to lay eyes on: the script to Prohibited Elderly Care Vol. 20.

Tagline: You’ve never seen colostomy bags like this before!

But while his daughter was “shocked” at her discovery, Mr. Tokuda says his wife was unbothered to find out about his raunchy part-time profession. “My wife lets me do whatever I want now that I’m retired,” he says. “She’s just concerned about my health and tells me not to work too hard.”

And you wonder why guys like Asian chicks.

Mr. Tokuda said he was spotted at age 60 by a filmmaker while he was browsing for adult DVDs at a Tokyo store. “They said ‘You are going to fit in our movies because you have a pervert’s face. You fit the kind of movie we make,’ ” Mr. Tokuda says, laughing and coughing at the same time.

He wasn’t laughing and coughing, he was preparing to demonstrate why he’s known as “The Peter North of phlegm bukkake.”  …Man.  This may be the most scat of any post I’ve written.

Most of those he stars with are actresses in their early 20s. While Mr. Tokuda says he doesn’t feel bad for his co-stars, he admits many of them accept roles in his movies just for the money and some don’t appear to enjoy the sexual acts they are paid to perform.

That’s not because you’re old, it’s because they’re women.  HEYO!  Hey, and what’s the deal with airline food?

He said he has occasionally acted with women closer to his own age, including 71-year-old Fujiko Ito, whom he shared the screen with a few years ago. But there isn’t the same audience for movies starring older women as there is for films about older men still able to attract women a third their own age.


While he says he still enjoys his job, Mr. Tokuda says he’s thinks he may retire for good some time in the not too distant future. “I think I’ll stop when I’m 80,” he says, sounding uncertain of the words. [GlobeandMail]

For reference, Hugh Hefner is 84.  Phew, anyone else feeling all hot and bothered after all this sex talk?  I’m hard like a diamond.  Elderly porn stars, man.  I get older, they keep stayin’ the same age.

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