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Remember last month how I told you about the rumor that Warner Bros’ president Jeff Rubinov had unofficially halted production on any movie with a female lead?  There were plenty of follow up articles where Rubinov denied it, but I didn’t waste my time with them because of course he would say that.  Anytime anyone says anything sexist or un-PC, like say, "Hey, have you ever noticed Asians are afraid of water?  Like every time it rains they freak out and start running everywhere, covering themselves with whatever’s nearby if they don’t have an umbrella.  Do they think they’re gonna melt or something?" – of course they’re gonna deny it.  That’s how business is done. Anyway, now it looks like a Wonder Woman movie isn’t in the cards.

“We’re kind of pausing on Wonder Woman now. Let them go ahead and do [Justice League] first,” Joel Silver said in a news conference while promoting Fred Claus. “And if that comes together, Wonder Woman will be a part of that story. And then we’ll see where we go from there. But we struggled with it for a while. I hope that we can solve it and make it one day.” [/Film]

Normally I wouldn’t read too much into this, but the dominant trend lately is to fall all over yourself to get anything that was a comic book made, even if it’s the Green F-ing Lantern.  So what, am I saying that because they’re waffling about Wonder Woman the no chick movies rumor is totally true?  Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.  Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?  Yeah, well I’m flexible like that.  And yet also rigid, if you catch my drift ladies.

See, business people aren’t smart enough to use things like common sense and logic.  Things that might say, "Hey, a movie about a busty, scantily clad superwoman would probably sell better than one about a guy with magic alien ring."  Instead they think shit like, "Hmm, Dan in Real Life did well, what other scripts do we have about guys named Dan?" 

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