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Collider today has this interview (watch it here) with Hottie and the Nottie co-skanks Paris Hilton and Christine Lakin.

Jesus, is there anything worse than the Can you tell us about your character question?

“Yes, well you see, Phil, my character is really ugly.  You can tell by her prosthetic nose, giant mole, and fake unibrow.  I guess you could call her a big-nosed girl with moles and a unibrow, and I really tried to stay true to that."

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic, the fact that Paris Hilton hardly says anything the whole time because she’s confused about not having a penis in her mouth, or that Christine Lakin’s delivering a publicist-coached marketing spiel with MBA-student polish about a movie with Paris Hilton’s name above the title.

And then the interviewer asks, “Do you guys believe in the premise of the movie, that every hot person has, like a hottie and a nottie kind of thing?

Wow dude, Paris Hilton’s co-star just had to explain to you that their movie’s “just a joke, really.”  Time to take a good hard look at your life.  Clean it up, Collider guy.  Honestly.

UPDATE: And yes, as I’ve previously noted, that’s the chick from Step by Step

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