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Someone at Elle was kind enough to send me the link to their 25 Greatest Red Carpet* Moments today.  Sadly, the first picture in the slideshow said something about Barbra Streisand wearing see-through pants and now there’s vomit all over my keyboard.

Elsewhere, Time has a special section with George Clooney’s 2008 Oscar picks because George Clooney is an attractive man.  I’m not going to make any predictions because nominating Atonement for best picture should kill any credibility the Academy ever had.  But if nothing else, this year’s Oscars have given us the year’s funniest Funny or Die video.

See my favorite red carpet moment after the jump. 

*(obligatory Lindsay Lohan joke)

I watched this video and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I really like it when the cat poops.

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