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Question marks in the headline can mean only one thing: it’s time to prognosticate! Will humans land on Mars?  Is purple the new pink? Would this monkey let me squeeze her tits for a banana?  No one knows for sure, and that means we’re free to speculate wildly! Yee haw!

Today’s spoilerish rumor comes from CinemaBlend, who claims (based on a tipster) that execs are considering cutting a scene from The Dark Knight involving Heath Ledger.

The scene involves Ledger’s Joker character pretending to be dead and being pictured in a body bag. Apparently the aftershock of Ledger’s unfortunate death are such that many in the [test] screening reacted rather badly to this moment and now execs are considering excising the scene altogether. 

God, I hate when people kowtow to idiots and squeamish pussies.  Holy crap, a guy in a body bag onscreen was in a body bag in real life!  OH THE HORROR!  Let’s cancel every SNL sketch in which Chris Farley fakes a heart attack!

It’s like when you’re at a ball game and you think of a really good heckle like, "Hey, Robinson! Your mom has cancer!" and some douche turns around all serious and is all like, "Hey, buddy, I’m trying to watch the game with my kid – his mother died of cancer."  Gee, thanks for sharing there, Debbie Downer – where I come from that’s called a party foul. 

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