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By 03.18.09

This is a commercial Michael Bay made for Commonwealth Bank across the pond. Er, underneath the pond (whatever you call Australia).  It ponders the question, “What if Michael Bay made a commercial for Commonwealth Bank?”  It’s not bad.  Overall, I like Bay a lot more as the star of commercials than as a movie director.  They should do this with all crappy directors.

  • Manny Shymalan: “You didn’t like it?  You probably just didn’t understand it.  It’s unfortunate, but only a few people in the entire world could ever hope to fathom the concept I was going for.”
  • Uwe Boll: “At least eet’s betta zen za commercials of Eli Roth, wot make za same fockink commercials every fockink time.”
  • Seltzer-Friedberg: *laughing* “Get it?  It’s Paris Hilton getting hit by a dumptruck. Amazing, right?”
  • George Lucas: “No, see, the family of groundhogs was just happy to see someone going to Commonwealth Bank.  My friend Stevie liked it.  He’s 11.”


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