By: 07.24.09

Friday Free For All is that time of the week when I post videos that may or may not be timely, newsworthy, or relevant.  Because only d-lickers and c-faces work hard on Fridays.  Send your tips to

Today’s Friday Free for All video comes from China, where this two-year-old has learned to light his own cigarettes.  It’s quite impressive.  I know they say you shouldn’t let your kids smoke because it stunts their growth or some crap, but look how cool he is!  Health problems are a small price to pay for looking that cool.  Plus he’s sitting on a motorcycle?  This kid’s definitely going to steal your girlfriend.  I know, I know, there’ll probably be lots of outraged readers out there who demand to know what kind of parents would let their two-year-old smoke, but settle down, they say they only let him smoke if he finishes all his lead.

[via LiveLeak]

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