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(Prayin’/and shootin’/and drinkin’/and prayin’…)

I feel bad that I always piss off half the people that read this when I rip on Boondock Saints, but the sad truth of the matter is that movie chugs cornhole lint.  The sequel is out this weekend (you can see the first five minutes of it here), and that means the first reviews are starting to hit the web.  Yay, time to pile on!

This comes across less like “Taxi Driver,” and more like what Travis Bickle might have made if someone gave him a camera. It can be ugly. There’s a vaguely racist subtext to the films, with derogatory phrases used for blacks in the first installment and for Hispanics in the second. Cloaking vigilante justice (not to mention casual racism and homophobia) in religion eventually turns “Boondock Saints” from merely a bad movie to a distasteful one. -Jake Coyle for the AP

Connor, Murphy and their affectionately dubbed “greasy spic” kill wops with the help of Special Agent Bloom (Julie Benz). Together, they aim to settle a score that goes back to the “Saints”’ father (Billy Connolly), who made the mistake of trusting an Eye-talian (Peter Fonda, no less). But seriously, in case you missed the part where Murphy says—in Spanish no less—that Romeo is “with us,” never fear: beaners are all right in the boys’ book. -NY Press

The Boston Phoenix‘s review begins and ends with the same line: This is bullsh-t.

John Woo outgrew stylizing movies like this in the ’90s, but Duffy is still chasing his perfect slide-and-shoot, except now with more self-satisfied posturing, awkward pop-culture referencing, casual homophobia and racism, and the most vulgar co-opting of religious iconography this side of Dan Brown. -Village Voice

This installment is mostly a chance for Duffy to pander to his base via regurgitated plot elements (ropes, prayers, gun fetishism, religious chanting and singing) and dully choreographed firefights that aim to exhaust the planet’s supply of slow motion. -Slant Magazine

Duffy orchestrates the resulting carnage like an inebriate spinning fourth-rate Peckinpah tales. Fan-service cameos and a sequel-ready ending (trilogy, people!) feel like groveling acts of desperation. -Time Out NY

Haha, a fourth-rate Peckinpah, take that, Troy Duffy!  All the non-film-majors totally understood that burn about a guy whose last movie came out 26 years ago! Reached for comment, Troy Duffy said “Slant Magazine, is that fah Orientals a somethin?”

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