By: 02.04.10


  • Ha, I liked it when she fell. |WithLeather|
  • “I’m Anthony Bourdain. I cook. I write. I travel. I eat. I do oceans of cocaine. And I’m hungry for more.” |KissingSuzyKolber|
  • A brief history of That’s What She Said.  Isn’t that a Stephen Hawking book?  |WarmingGlow|
  • Cavs invent new stat for Lebron James. |TSS|
  • Amir Sadollah makes his picks for UFC 109 this Saturday. |G4|
  • The new head of DC comic wants to do a Watchmen sequel, at least until Alan Moore firebombs him. |GammaSquad|
  • The biggest snack food stadium ever. |HolyTaco|
  • Demetri Martin and Sarah Silverman on a couch. |ScreenJunkies|
  • Videogame character mug shots. |CollegeHumor|
  • The most Razzie-nominated stars of all time. |InsideMovies|
  • In South Carolina, you don’t need a boat to water ski, just a backhoe.  How is this more cost-effective again? |UnCoached|

Thanks to Patty for the picture, wherever it came from

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