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Downfall studio pulling Hitler clips because they’re mean, stupid jerks

By / 04.21.10

I’m always amazed at how little industry shrivs understand the internet.  Every time a lawyer threatens me into pulling a movie trailer, I ask my stuffed animals, “But why would someone want me to remove something creative specifically for advertising when I’m helping it reach a wider audience?  Why, Professor Snugglebottom, why?”  Similarly, the folks at Constantin films, the studio behind Downfall, are now trying to pull all the famous Hitler-is-angry clips from YouTube.  Said Constantin exec Martin Moszkowicz to the BBC last week:

“We as a corporation have a bit of an ambivalent view of it. On the one hand we are proud the picture has such a huge fanbase and that people are using it for parody. On the other hand we are trying to protect the artists.”

Oh you are?  Which ones, exactly?  Was it director Oliver Hirschbiegel, who just a few months ago said:

“Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I’m laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn’t get a better compliment as a director.”

And from what are you protecting them, exactly?  More fame?  I was one of the few people that saw Downfall in the theaters, and it was a solid movie, but how many more people have rented it because of the clip?  Even if it was five, the result was a net positive.  I just don’t understand the end game here.  No one’s going to pay you royalties for these (not to mention it’s parody and is protected, but that’s a whole other argument).  They don’t need this clip to make a parody.  They’ll just move on to something else, and then you’ll be out the royalties and the free advertising.  Quit acting like such d*cks.  Remember what happened last time you acted like huge d*cks?  That’s right, six million Jews died.  If you’re ever wondering whether you’re the bad guy in a dispute, take a look at who’s on your side.  If it’s a room full of lawyers and Germans, guess what, you’re the bad guy.


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