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A tribute: All of Chris Klein's lines in Street Fighter

By / 09.09.10

Everything Chris Klein Says in “The Legend of Chun Li” from Jeff Rubin on Vimeo.

I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and pretend all of you didn’t already see Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li in theaters and present to you this video that compiles all the best parts, i.e. the parts where Chris Klein acts.  I posted a similar video a while back but it got taken down, and if anything deserves a repost, it’s this.  You know how in every movie that involves telekinesis or magic, the mentor will tell the young protege to squeeze all of his thoughts and emotions into a little ball and focus it into the pit of his stomach?  Chris Klein acts like someone told him to focus all of his acting ability into his testicles, and then force it through his penis with intense prostate contractions.  And when it comes out, it’s pure gravitas. This guy walks. Through. The jizz drops. I guess what I’m trying to say is, do not watch this if you’re trying not to get pregnant.


[JeffRubin via Videogum]


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