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Twilight cover hand model tries to out-crazy Twihards

By / 10.04.10

"Oh, hey there. Just taking candid shots in the bathroom, don't mind us."

Kimbra Hickey, the woman whose hands grace the Twilight cover, has a unique claim to fame, one which began with something a Twilight book would never allow: a hand job. (Haha, good one, Jay).  Hickey was the subject of a recent NY Post profile, and she comes off almost as crazy cat lady as the Twilight moms buying her book.

But Hickey’s lack of fame has her cracking her knuckles in frustration.
“It was major exposure for my hands,” said the petite, 40-year-old model. “But nobody knew who I was.”
So Hickey now stops anyone she sees reading the book to inform them of her contribution. [great solution! -Ed.]
“I see people reading it on the subway, and I say, ‘Those are my hands! I’m a hand model!’ ” she explained. “I’m sure they think I’m crazy — a crazy lady on the subway.”

Haha, “40-year-old model.”

The good-natured Hickey sometimes hangs out near the cash register at the Barnes & Noble near her Greenwich Village apartment to spread the word. Surprised customers sometimes ask her for her autograph or to trace the outline of her hand on the book jacket.

Others even back away slowly and reach for their pepper spray.

She even carries around a Gala apple in her purse at times so she can recreate the pose for people. “It was too big of a deal just to let it be,” she said, although she admitted that she has become “a little goofy” about the whole thing.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m a crazy person,” she said while carrying a satchel full of rotten apples shouting, “Moy ‘ands, my ‘ands, me beau-ifuw ‘ands!”  (*throws cat*)

The 2004 photo shoot for the “Twilight” book cover paid $300 — the industry standard for two hours of work. Hickey had to file her nails extra short so her tiny hands didn’t look like an adult’s.

Hickey is a massage therapist who works a few days each month as a “parts models.” Hickey’s agent, Danielle Korwin, said her hands are in demand because they are “veinless” — not the sort of hands a vampire would like.

Mmm’yeeeah, see? I’m James St. McElroy, Jimmy Mack they call me.  I’m the biggest hand-model agent this town’s evah seen, see? Jimmy Mack knows hands, and Jimmy Mack says this dame’s goin’ places.  Ha ch-cha cha cha.

Lately, she’s been going to “Twilight” fan conventions — she’s at one this weekend in Portland, Ore. — where she sells apple-scented hand lotion.
Her goal is to break into acting. She’s trying to contact the casting director for the fourth installment in the “Twilight” series.
“If I could get a little background part, it would be fantastic,” she said — “even if they only wanted my hands in it.”

It’s fun to imagine Kimbra Hickey standing behind Kristen Stewart with her arms under Stewart’s arm pits, pantomiming all the dialog.  Edward could come in and tell Bella he can’t be with her, but only because he loves her so much.  Then Kimbra Hickey could twist her fist against Kristen Stewart’s cheek to indicate sadness.  Come on, this will totally work.


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