05.22.09 9 years ago 31 Comments

What’s a picture of a Bazooka Joe wrapper doing on a movie blog?  Dude… you don’t even want to know.  Now that you’ve been warned… Michael Eisner’s production company is doing a BAZOOKA JOE MOVIE, to be written by newcomer Mark Hammer.

Hammer, who this weekend is attending the graduation ceremony at Orange County’s Chapman University, where he studied film, wrote a spec titled “Sonny Takes to Peru,” which made the studio rounds but ultimately did not sell.

That spec, however, turned into a strong writing sample that got him into meetings as well as representation at management outfit the Safran Co. Execs at Tornante, seeking to fill their open writing assignment,liked the spec and brought in Hammer, who gave them his winning take. [THR]

And there you have everything wrong with the movie business in a nutshell.  Let’s recap: A guy wrote a good, original script that everyone in town liked.  Did anyone make a movie out of it?  Of course not.  They called the guy into an office and said, “Here, see what you can do with this gum wrapper from the 50s.”

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