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03.03.10 28 Comments

Tim Burton and Wanted‘s Timur Blackmambetov (that’s what I call him anyway) today announced that they’ve bought the rights to Seth Grahame-Smith’s book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  He’s the same guy who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which was earlier optioned by Natalie Portman with David O. Russell in talks to direct.  Between his twee hyphen name and the fact that every NPR-loving Rachel Maddow fan thinks this gimmick is the funniest thing ever, it’s tempting to hate the guy.  But I admit I haven’t read his books; it’s possible they’re really funny.  That’s what makes hipsters even worse, sometimes they’re right.

Moreover, this seemed like a good excuse to post the trailer for 2001’s Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.  Jesus and Abe Lincoln have a lot in common when you think about it.  They’re both skinny, have sweet beards, and freed slaves.  Wait no, that was Moses, wasn’t it.  Well anyway, Jesus brought everyone wine and made sandwiches.  Then when he showed up, all the Jews were like, “Well this is simply divine!”

Shut up, I was already leaving.

Thanks to Jlichman for reminding me of that movie

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