“An African White Space Christ”

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06.04.10 17 Comments

Get Him to the Greek opens today, and the studio has released the first five minutes of it online, which I’ve always thought is a good marketing move, provided you believe in the product you’re selling at all.  On that note, don’t hold your breath for the first five of Marmaduke or Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher Fart on Each Other, though I’m sure the cast will act real excited about it in interviews.

Anyway, after watching it, I can report that despite Russell Brand’s stupid hair, annoying accent, obnoxious overbite, and puffy, vulgar nipples, it’s actually pretty funny.  It gets a little improv theater at a couple points, but the satire is reasonably sharp and it has a very Zoolander vibe.  I just wish more of Russell Brand’s jokes didn’t rely on him being a super cool, rockstar sex machine.  F*ck you, dude.  You think yer better’n me?  You know what I think?  I think you ain’t sh*t, hoss.  (*spits Skoal into Gatorade bottle, leans back against pick up truck*)

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