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12.04.09 23 Comments

America, I am disappoint.

Not only has Entourage been picked up for a sixth season, it seems they’re planning two more and then an Entourage movie.  That’s right, an Entourage movie.  I wonder if Turtle will shop for shoes lol!

At the “Lovely Bones” premiere last night in New York, Wahlberg told me that there are two seasons left of “Entourage” on TV. And then? “We’ll see, there could be more. But then, a movie.” [THR] [see also WarmingGlow]

So, that’s two seasons of Entourage, then an Entourage movie.  Then locusts, then pestilence, dogs living with cats, etc.  And as if to put the dinglecherry on this sh-t sundae, the news came from none other than Roger Friedman.

While we were talking in the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel after the movie — in a party so full that it would have welcomed Washington’s Salahi’s  [*rimshot*] — Wahlberg must have greeted two dozen friends. The nice thing was, there was no nuttiness. He is the epitome of down to earth and accessible. There was no “entourage.”

“Are they friends from Boston?” I asked.

Wahlberg shook his head. “All my friends from Boston are either dead or in jail,” he replied. He’s said it before, so I asked: “They can’t still be in jail after all this time?”

Wahlberg didn’t hesitate. “The stuff they did, you don’t get out of jail.”

Wow, that’s deep, bro, and could you pass the paté?  I got dry toast points over here.

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