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02.27.09 21 Comments

A comic book character who looks like an adolescent sex fantasy?  Why this is unheard of!

THR today reports that a 3-D project called Aphrodite IX is moving forward, and as you can probably guess, it sounds like your basic Casablanca-esque story of heartbreak and redemption.

[Some production companies] have joined forces to adapt the Top Cow comic “Aphrodite IX” into a 3-D feature film. The comic centers on a cyborg assassin who achieves self-awareness and begins searching for her origins. Producers are looking for the female lead.

“This is just the kind of franchise we love: a visually stunning world, amazing effects, a great story and a hot, kick-ass babe in the lead,” Threshold’s Larry Kasanoff said. “What could be better?” [THR]

What indeed, what indeed.  Anyway, let this be a lesson to you, aspiring writers.  At first I couldn’t get anyone interested in my semi-autobiographical novel. But then I talked with a couple movie execs about it, and as it turns out, all it needed was a couple lesbian ninja cyborg vampires and a subplot about parkour.

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