James Cameron might’ve been telling the truth

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08.11.10 19 Comments

Back when Fox was promoting the release of Avatar, I always just assumed the whole James-Cameron-had-to-wait-for-the-technology-to-catch-up part of the story was just another one of those mostly-bullsh*t soundbites that isn’t literally true but gets repeated so often that it becomes part of the mythology (you know, like, say, “he’s not just creating a movie, he’s creating a whole universe.”).  But here’s a Bathroom Reader story from 1999 that seems to corroborate, listing Avatar as a movie project that ended up being scrapped because it was too expensive.

And that, folks, is why James Cameron can afford to cruise around international waters on his opulently appointed yacht with only the finest European prostitutes, hunting lesser men for sport. Because the man has a little thing called “vision.”

[via UnrealityMag]

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