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11.30.09 20 Comments

I didn’t make a huge fuss when Rampage Jackson won the part of B.A. Baracus in the A-Team movie, one because the idea of an A-Team movie is way dumber than any casting choice could be, and two because Rampage is a charismatic dude.  Some people get mad when he tries to dry hump Japanese chicks in interviews, but I dunno… I could watch the guy paint a house.  (Preferably with a giant mural of himself on the side).

That said, as this clip (watch it below) from Death Warrior demonstrates, charisma doesn’t always translate to acting ability.  Hard to look like a good actor in a movie this horrible, I know, but ‘page still has a pretty bad case of the mumbles.  And he fell for the ol’ splits-to-crotch-punch move.  C’mon, man, that’s the oldest trick in the book!  It’s how my parents fell in love.

Additional sad note: it seems the UFC is actually advertising for this masterpiece.

Come on, guys, there’s a reason the NFL didn’t put their logo on The Game Plan.

[hat tip: MMA Mania]

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