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08.16.07 8 Comments

Bernie Mac, who some drunken Kiwi at a bar once told me was the funniest man alive, will soon be joining John Travolta and Robin Williams in the hilarious-sounding Old Dogs.

Old Dogs is a buddy comedy revolving around two best friends and business partners whose lives are turned upside down when they find themselves taking care of 7-year-old twins.  In the movie, Mac plays Johnny Lunchbox, the Elvis, Bono, and Beatles of children's entertainment all wrapped up into one super-charismatic puppeteer.

Well holy crap, if that doesn't sound like The Gameplan, Three Men and a Baby, The Pacifier, RV, Kindergarten Cop, and Hootie and the Blowfish all rolled up into one.

Meanwhile, I'm still in negotiations with Travolta and Williams to appear in my upcoming documentary Jump in a Volcano, starring Tim Allen.  

*Fun Fact: While doing a Google Image Search for "Dogs Mating" (which came up as soon as I typed the 'D'), I found a picture of this guy


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