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Cinematical hooked me up with this 90 second bootleg Avatar trailer loaded on youtube by Dave Chandler.  See it while you can; it’s freaking gorgeous, especially near the end.  All of James Cameron’s efforts towards inventing a new 3-D camera system are brilliantly on display in this clip.

Here’s some more info on the filmmaking innovation and high-budget effects that went into this superb video:

When James Cameron directed his first 3-D film, “Terminator 2: 3-D,” for Universal Studios theme parks more than a decade ago, the bulky camera equipment [weighing 450 pounds] made some shots awkward or impossible. […]  At $60 million, the 12-minute film was the most expensive frame-for-frame production ever.

Now, months from its Dec. 118 release, Cameron’s “Avatar,” the first feature film he has directed since “Titanic” (1997), promises to take 3-D cinematography to an unrivaled level, using a more nimble 3-D camera system that he helped invent. […]

Cameron’s heavily hyped return also marks Hollywood’s biggest bet yet that 3-D can bolster box office returns. News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox has budgeted $237 million for the production alone of “Avatar.” [thedailynewsonline]

I’ll be posting the real trailer tomorrow morning.  You’re waiting with ‘bated breath I’m sure.

~ robopanda

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