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06.09.08 134 Comments

Get ready for Brokeback Opera.  And by “get ready” I mean prepare to shrug at the news and then never think about it again.

The New York City Opera has commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based on the 1997 short story.
"Ever since encountering Annie Proulx’s extraordinary story I have wanted to make an opera on it," said Wuorinen, 70. [BBC]

Yeah, I’ll be sure to check that out the day all the movie theaters explode, my television gets stolen, I forget how to read and I lose interest in masturbation.  I don’t get the idea of adapting something into an opera.  It’s like writing a good book and then going, hey, you know what would make this better?  Stilted melodrama and all the dialogue sung in an obsolete style where no one can understand the words.  And then rich people will come and pretend to enjoy it because they hate themselves.

-Thanks to Bryce for the tip 

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