Super Soldier Serum makes Cap America’s chest hair fall off

Senior Editor
10.29.10 12 Comments

SuperheroHype dug up some more pictures from the Captain America spread (is it okay to call it a “spread”, or does that make it sound like a Playboy?) in the latest Entertainment Weekly, and in addition to the shot we already saw of Chris Evans in full costume from the cover, they’ve got a few more from inside the magazine.  Including this one of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, who apparently rocked a baby smooth chest back in the WWII days.  Since this takes place in the 40s, I like to imagine Steve Rogers showing up to an old-timey barbershop, where a gruff-but-neat old man rubs a warm cream lather over his entire upper body and then lovingly, meticulously shaves him down with a straight razor while they talk about boxing.

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