Coolest thing ever to be associated with Saw

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07.21.10 28 Comments

Courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, you’re looking at the new motion poster thingy for Saw 3D (“The traps come alive!”), aka Saw VII, aka Saw 7, Audience O, aka 5aw 5373n, aka 7 Saw 7 Furious. Well, hopefully that’s what you’re looking at and not just a blank screen. If you can’t see it… well, it’s pretty cool. Definitely the coolest thing ever to be associated with Saw. Get it? “Eye-popping 3D” because the eyeball is literally popping! You “can’t blink” because it ain’t got eyelids! And ’cause of all the microwave meth and Mountain Dew!  Boy, if that eye could only see the audience staring back at it. Just WWE shirts and Juggalo orgies as far as the eye can see, and no one under 400 pounds. Dig in, fatty, hope you like torture porn.

The poster designer was probably depressed to find that his Un Chien Andalou reference had been mostly lost on this crowd. Stupid liberal-arts education, what a waste of money.

Whoa, settle down, there’s no reason to bring jack handles into this…

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