Edgar Wright’s Glowing Review Of ‘Furiosa’ Reveals How He Helped Anya Taylor-Joy Land The Role

Furiosa: A Mad Max Story tells the action-packed origin story of the iconic character first introduced in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Anya Taylor-Joy steps in as the titular Furiosa, and the actress is already getting early rave reviews for her portrayal of the rogue warrior.

Director Edgar Wright gave his own mini-review of the film, which hits theaters on May 24th. He posted on Instagram, “Even though I understand what it takes to make a film, I still don’t understand how Dr. George Miller does it. I was lucky enough to see Furiosa a month ago, and I’m still reeling at how films like his exist. It’s so intricate, detailed, and immersive. The planning and love that have gone into the staging, blocking, and design are just unreal. Hats off to George and team for giving us 45 years of imaginative, visceral cinema. The movie is a feast for your eyes and ears, a full circle to the first Max adventure in 1979.”

Not only is Wright a fan of the flick, he also revealed that he had an integral part in Anya Taylor-Joy landing the role. The actress starred in Wright’s Last Night In Soho in 2021, which inspired George Miller to reach out after he had seen the film. He further explained:

Way back in March 2020, literally 48 hours before the pandemic shutdown happened and the country shut down, I had dinner with George Miller in London after he watched an early cut of ‘Last Night In Soho’. He asked me if Anya would be a good choice to play young Furiosa, and I responded, ‘Do it, do it! She’s a star, get her now!’. I texted Anya that night to expect a call from George Miller, and I’m so thrilled to see the results four years later. What a ride, you will enjoy!

So, we would have never gotten Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa if she had never been spiritually stalked by Matt Smith in Last Night In Soho. He always wins! Check out the full post below.