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Sad cowbell girl doesn’t even care about football, she’s just super bummed about this philosophy paper that’s due in a couple days.  |via Urlesque and everywhere| UPDATE: Aw, goddamn it. Cowbell girl is blind. This is a lot less funny now. How come no one tells me these things? Are you happy that I look like an ass now, are you? You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, man.


  • I’ve seen a lot of good local commercials, but “Tequila Bot” takes the cake, and has sex with it. |GammaSquad|
  • Zordon from Power Rangers is racist. |CollegeHumor|
  • Mom scours Craigslist for a woman to seduce her son. “I’m sure he’s horny, from looking at the socks and towels in his room, I think he’s going for a masturbation record.”  Now dat’s how you parent.  |Guyism|
  • The Burj Khalifa in Dubai cost $1.5 billion.  That’s probably why it’s so big. |FListed|
  • Five New Year’s Resolutions you won’t keep, fatty. |HolyTaco|
  • 10 vampire movie fails. |ScreenJunkies|
  • Pajiba writes about Dr. Who, so I don’t have to pretend I know anything about it. |Pajiba|
  • Luke Wilson got a show.  I hope it’s good, because every time I see one of his smarmy AT&T commercials I want to hit him with a golf club.  The next one is just going to be him and Justin Long driving around in a Prius ridiculing Middle America.  They all suck, but I especially hate the one with the post cards.  “Verizon says AT&T has bad service?  Well, I guess they didn’t talk to Steve in Toronto.  He loves AT&T.  Or Sheila in Poughkeepsie.  That’s right, Verizon, Sheila in Poukeepsie thinks you suck.”  |WarmingGlow|
  • 12 program descriptions that prove Comcast doesn’t drug test. |NextRound|
  • Fish punching is the new fist pumping. |Atom|
  • And finally, I think this might be my favorite LATFH post ever (pictured). Pff, hipsters don’t smile that much. |LATFH|

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