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Welcome to another installment of FilmDrunk’s ongoing one-sided love affair with Diora Baird (nude pics here, NSFW, obviously).  CHUD  reports:

I don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter anymore – most of them are dull as hell – but Diora Baird is a bright spot in my daily feed. Funny, smart and raunchy, Baird’s tweets are always worth reading. And yesterday they got semi-newsworthy.

Baird tweeted this:

Had an audition for the movie Thor today. Character description was ‘pretty, but sturdy with muscle’. Damn type casting.

I tried to get her to spill the beans as to who she would be playing, but all she would say was

I cant say. I’ll go to jail. For real. Had to sign my soul away.

Here’s her twitter, and I’ll post some of the more interesting tweefs below:

  • I guess I “mock” myself then. And by “mock” I mean “make love to”.
  • I am a human masturbatory aid. Dream #14, check.
  • Im happy to pop your cherry.
  • Im always here with a dildo joke.
  • Watch me jiggle my boobs at http://bit.ly/13Tm29 I know, Im quite the intellectual.
  • Girl:’Can I have your autograph?’ Me:’Sure'(as Im signing) Oh, wait. Thats not my vagina’. It was Kristy Swasnsons’! Does my vagina look 40?
  • Yeah, poop is the best odor. Gonna start a perfume line called ‘Ass’.
  • Just saw a movie and I’m almost positive the old man sitting next to me shat himself.
  • Thanks! I would love as many pantless followers as possible.
  • A new strain of HIV was found in a woman in Paris. It came from a gorilla. People! Enough with the monkey f-cking already! Goats are better.

And that’s just in the past five days.  I can’t believe she has fewer than 1,300 stalkers followers.

~ robopanda

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