Elementary school Scarface play is cute, not real

Senior Editor
03.29.10 24 Comments

Our friends at Screenjunkies just sent over this adorable video of what’s supposedly an elementary school production of Scarface.  Between the way they use a mound of popcorn to stand in for cocaine, say “motherfudger”, and use stick-figure drawings to represent Tony Montana’s security cameras, it’s all pretty cute.  But get real, people, no way this is real.  It’s too clever, the “amateur” camera work is too good, and the whole idea is just a little too Rushmore to be believable.  Nonetheless, pretty well done.  Enjoy it for a day or two before we find out what it’s selling.

“First ju get da money, den ju getta power.  Den ju get da women, den you getta cooties.”

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