Enter the Void trailer is pretty trippy, brah

08.12.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void played just about every big film festival, from SXSW to Sundance, and it finally gets a theatrical release on September 24th (in NY and LA, expanding nationwide in October).  It looks very unique, by which I mean it looks like I swallowed a strobe light and woke up in a kaleidoscope disco.

Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) and his sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta of THE LIMITS OF CONTROL), separated as children when their parents were killed in a car crash, are re-united in Tokyo, where he’s a small-time drug dealer and she’s a stripper [just like my parents! -Ed.]. One night Oscar is shot in a police raid [wait, do police even carry guns in Tokyo? I was under the impression they used karate.], but true to a promise he made Linda as a child—that he would never leave her—he refuses to abandon the world of the living. His spirit hovers over the city, and we see events through his eyes. His visions grow ever more nightmarish and distorted, as past, present and future merge, allowing Noé full rein to experiment with the hallucinatory power of cinema. [CHUD]

Sounds like Charlie St. Cloud… on drugs. There’s an expository quote from the trailer that might give us a few more clues as to what the film is about:

Your spirit comes out from your body after you die.  At first you can see all your life reflected in a magic mirror.  And then lights.  All different lights, of all different color.

Just like a French dude to imagine the afterlife as being like techno and ecstasy.  “And then God dances up waving some glow sticks, and when you suck the candy pacifier he keeps on a gold chain around his neck, it reveals all the mysteries of the universe.”  You know who’d probably love this movie?  Rave Dog.

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