Facebook game ‘Mafia Wars’ being developed as movie

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06.28.10 12 Comments

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: there’s no way you could come up with a fake movie adaptation that would be dumber than an actual movie adaptation already in development.  View-Master. The Magic 8-Ball. Asteroids. Bazooka Joe.  Today you can add to the idiotic-idea file a Mafia Wars movie.  That’s right, it’s that Facebook game dumb people play, the third most hide-worthy offense behind Farmville and referring to your spouse as “hubs.”

Clog my newsfeed, Pajiba:

Mafia Wars (25.9 million active subscribers) is being made into a movie, which I believe makes it the first Facebook game to get a feature development deal. Details are scant on the project, as what could the details possibly involve besides the logline, “crime thriller based on the popular video game.” Ted Field and Radar Pictures are developing the project, and given Radar Pictures’s recent output — Swing Vote, The Invention of Lying, All About Steve, Everybody’s Fine, and The Box — I wouldn’t buy a lot of HSX stock based on the idea. The project is out to writers now.

For being mentioned in a story about a Mafia Wars film, Ted Field earned +167 “douchebag points.”  If he allows Zynga games access to his search history, credit card information, and library records, and gets eight friends to do the same, he’ll be able to unlock the “Jerry Bruckheimer Coke Party level,” where he’ll earn the distinction of”Hollywood Super Producer,” and his avatar will get sunglasses. It’s… quite an honor.


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