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06.24.08 21 Comments

USA Today has the first official stills from 4 Fast 4 Furious (official title: Fast and Furious. Whatever.). It comes out June 5, 2009 and I’m sure Nick Hogan can’t wait.  John Graziano, however, seems indifferent.

The fourth installment of the street-racing saga will enjoy a rarity among franchises: the return of original stars. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprise their roles as outlaw and cop.  The movie is a sign of the strength of "quiet giants," franchises that "might not be James Bond or Indiana Jones but still have a rabid following, especially overseas or on DVD,"

Yeah, either that or Paul Walker didn’t want to go back to waiting tables.  “Is he being rude or polite?  I can’t tell, his expression never changes.”

…There’s a quiet giant that lives in my building.  I think he has Down Syndrome.

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