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12.04.09 73 Comments

(Why the long face?)

Get it, you guys?  The caption was a reference to Sarah Jessica Parker looking like a horse.  Haha, good one, Jay.  Anyway, this is the first picture of SJP in Sex and the City 2.  Clearly she’s looking off screen, licking her lips at the shirtless, 23-year-old Dominican landscaper who’s going to help her get her groove back, as soon as he finishes trimming her bushes.  Trimming her bush — it’s symbolically suggestive, you see.  And then Samantha comes in and she’s all, “Sweetie, you’ve really gotta do something about that old, dirty clam of yours,” and everyone laughs and starts dilling each other.  Chicks are weird.

[via HitFix.  Yeah, I don’t know why I put that gif in there either.  I have a hangover.]

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