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09.16.09 27 Comments

Courtesy of a tip from JessicaD, today’s forgotten classic is the 1987 film Steel Dawn.  Patrick Swayze plays the lead, “a desert warrior, carving the future with his sword.”  Come on, dude, you have to admit that’s a pretty awesome tagline.  Basically, it’s exactly like Mad Max, and the very first shot of the trailer is a closeup of Swayze’s crotch.  I don’t know what else you’d need to know about it besides that, but I did find

Getting the film off to a quick start, the sandpeople, who live under the sand, decide to attack Swayze while he’s doing his daily headstands.

Okay, okay, I’m sold.  You had me at “crotch closeup.”  Additionally, this guy has awesome hair:

That is all.

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