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09.17.07 25 Comments

According to her father, Lindsay Lohan says she is quitting the movie business – despite statements by powerful Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein that she's still employable.  

Lindsay said, 'Daddy, I have done some terrible things and been addicted to drugs, but please believe me, I will never do drugs again. I hate Hollywood and I don't want to work there. I need a break and I am moving away. I will stop hanging around with the people that are bad for me.'

This is obviously sad news for movie fans like you and me.  While we hope in vain for the next I Know Who Killed Me or Georgia Rule, Freckletits will be burning through her savings, inching ever closer to a spread in Playboy or Penthouse.  How disappointing.

Then again, the source for all of this is was Michael Lohan, who was on a lot of mescaline that day.    

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