Frotcast 22: Talking Due Date, Unstoppable with Lindy West

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11.11.10 26 Comments

This week on the Frotcast, we bring back listener and Frotcast favorite Lindy West to talk Due Date and Unstoppable. We didn’t get to see Unstoppable, but Lindy basically tells us the entire plot and how dumb it was, and ironically, this only makes us want to see it more. (Lindy interview begins at 33 mins)

Meanwhile, Brendan talks about meeting a famous former baseball player this week, who told him a story about how Cal Ripken’s wife once banged Kevin Costner during Ripken’s historic streak. Ripken found out before a game, and the stadium had to fake a power outage and cancel the game to keep the Ripken streak unbroken. (Juicy blind item, omg!) That starts at 26 minutes.  Oh, and I talk about filming my television debut yesterday near the beginning.  I have a hard time talking with my hands, which is rather strange for someone with such a dago name.

Same as last week, this week’s intro song is “Totally Snake” courtesy of the band Totally Snake.

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