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Fox Searchlight’s Gentleman Broncos, directed by Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jared Hess and starring Flight of the Conchords‘ Jemaine Clement, opened this weekend on two screens, grossing $11,502 dollars.  Which isn’t  horrible in terms of per-screen average.  It was supposed to go wider this weekend, but after getting horrible reviews, it pulled out of first Chicago and then Dallas and now Seattle too (no word on whether it still plans squirt all over Tucson).  Here were some of the positive reviews:

“A juvenile, crass and silly mess that’s occasionally irritating to watch, intermittingly funny and over-the-top, but nonetheless amusing and wildly imaginative.” Source (6.25 out of 10)

“Its quirkiness preceding and very nearly swallowing it whole, Gentlemen Broncos is less warped than it thinks it is yet still provides enough bizarre, painstakingly designed schlock to tickle the willing.” Source (3 out of 5)

Roman Polanski with a bullhorn sez, “DID SOMEONE SAY ‘TICKLE THE WILLING?'”  Meanwhile, I think my favorite review was this one from UGO:

“Jared Hess is now, after Rudolf Hess, my most hated Hess.”

Ah, yes, what would we movie critics do without pointed Nazi references?  “If I were a holocaust Jew and had been given the choice between seeing this movie again and a shower, this reviewer would surely have chosen the shower.”  Anyway, don’t weep for Jared Hess, as he’s still rich in love and support from his family.  By which I mean he’s Mormon so I assume he has lots of wives.

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